How to get started
Becoming a member of Moamani is very easy.

You only need to sign up with your email adress and follow the link in the confirmation mail.
After the confirmation of the account, you can start earning without furtherer due.

To earn the first MOAS easily, we suggest to participate in a few surveys.
You can also play a few mobile games.

This will boost both - your income of MOAS and your level.

You can find a lot of information in our FAQ.
Which you should read to be more successful.
You may also want to check out our video tutorials.
If you still have questions, you can open a support ticket or add us on skype.

We are always happy to help you and answer your questions.
Earn Money from home
earn from home
We all know and hate those advertisements which tell you: Work from home and get rich!

But earning money from home is still a thing.

Will you get rich? No.
Will you get enough cash for a new game? Yes, of course!

There is a Meme, which brings it right to the point: "Its Free Real Estate".

What you can really earn on Moamani, depends on many factors.
What offers and tasks do you complete?
How much time do you invest?

We do not guarantee to make you rich.
But we will always give you a fair share, because we appreciate your effort.
Getting paid for playing?
mobile games
Yes, you heard right. You can get paid for playing games.

The competition is tougher than ever and in this panorama, most of the companys have a big budget for advertising.
But instead of putting annoying banners all over the place, some companys also pay per lead.

Thats why we can offer great mobile games, which you will love to play and you will be rewarded for playing those.

You are not just beeing lazy and playing games, you earn MOAS.

Check out our mobile section and get the games you like.

Follow the link to get the App on your tablet or mobile phone. We have games for IOS and Android.

Follow the instructions (reaching a certain level in the game, building a special building) to get rewarded.

Playing games is great, earning while playing games is awesome!
Referral System
We are always looking for new members and appriciate members, which tell their friends about our site.

Thats why we have a referral system in place.

If a new member signs up by using your link, you will be rewarded!

For a lifetime!

You get 10% of all earned MOAS by the recruited member as a bonus on top.
The recruited member will still keep all earnings.

If the new member reaches Level 5 for the very first time, you will also get a bonus of 200 MOAS.

Start recruiting people and get a passive income.

Absolutely risk free and without any investment.
mobile games
We always try to give you opportunities to earn even more.

Thats why we often have special events going on.

It may be for a specific offer, a game or a offerwall.

We also have long term events like the ref-rallye.
To participate in the ref-rallye, you need to recruit members.
The TOP 10 Referrals will get a huge amount of MOAS on top of the referral earnings.

Sometimes we have holiday events like on eastern, christmas, helloween, the international games day and more.
This returning events will be very different and boost your income by a lot.

Follow us on twitter to see if there is a currently a event running or to see which ones is coming up soon.
What can i get for MOAS?
We have a build in reward shop for MOAS.

You can exchange your MOAS for Steam Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Netflix Gift Cards,
XBOX Gift Cards, Spotify Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards
or even Blizzard Gift Cards to extent your playtime on World of Warcraft,
or to buy other games from Blizzard Entertainment.

You can see the full list in our reward shop.

For verified users, we also pay out to PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer.

In order to become a verified Member, you need to reach Level 5 and confirm your personal data,
which will only be used for the payment process and will never be shared to any third parties.

To keep things simple, 1 MOA is equivalent to 1 Euro Cent.
100 MOAs is equivalent to 1 Euro.