General Questions
MOAMANI.COM is a service, where you can earn cash by shopping at our partners shops, downloading and playing mobile games, participate in surveys or sign up on sweeps and other websites.
We offer you many ways to earn. You can earn cash by shopping at our partners shops, downloading and playing mobile games, participate in surveys or sign up on sweeps and other websites

See how it works: Show me how i can earn!
It just depends on yourself.

We offer you a lot of shops where you can save money for shopping if you our links on the website.

The Surveys and Sweeps and other Lead offers, can give you even more. You can also play games and earn some cash while playing.

If you want a website to be part of, you can always tell us about this with a support ticket.

We will reach out the owner of the service and ask him if he want to join our service.

We are always happy to expand our offers.
Signing up for a account and use our service is free.

Instead we offer you ways of earning rewards on our website.
To sign up on our website, click here: Sign Up. Confirm your e-mail and start earning.
Your personal data is required for our company to pay taxes. We will never share it to anyone.
It can take up to 15 minutes for the e-mail to be delivered. Please also check your Spam-Folder!

If you still do not get a e-mail from, retry your request. Old or not active accounts will be deleted.
In very rare cases, there is a problem with receiving our e-mails.

Thats because we get false flagged by the e-mail providers as spammers.

It can take hours to get a e-mail. In such cases we suggest to use a different e-mail-provider.
A Lead offer is a offer with certain requirements

It can by a level that you need to reach in a game or you have to register for a newsletter or a free or paid webservice.

You can always see the requirements on the detailsite of the offer. See how it works!
As the name suggests, cashback means getting money back in exchange for your purchases.

After you purchase gets confirmed you will receive different amounts of MOAS. You can find the amount in the details of the offer. See how it works!
If a impression or conversion is getting noticed by the partner site, that means tracking.

It is the case if you purchase something using our link and visit a shop from our offers.

If you meet the requirements for a offer, the so-called tracking fires.

After we forward you to the partner site, there is nothing we can do. Everything else is done by the partner.
If the partner does not fire the tracking event, there could be several reasons for this behaviour.

A few are listed below:

You did not accept cookies or deactivatet third-party cookies in your browser configurations
JavaScript or Flash ar not active in your browser configurations
You have a Popup-Blocker or AD-Blocker active
The participation was not completed or not fully completed
The requirements of the offer are not met
The IP-adress have already been used for this offer
Your browsers user-agent is not accepted
You used a trash-mail-adress or fake data

Please make sure you can provide proof for every purchase from the shops we offer!

If you purchased something using our link, you can send us a support request and we will ask the advertiser to check this transaction and maybe confirm it manually.

All participations are getting checked by the advertisers.

How long it takes is out of our hands and only the advertiser can make it be quick.

We can not guess how long it will take, it is different for each offer and each advertiser.
Every offer that is giving you more than 300 MOAS will be checked by us before we confirm it.

We have to do this to prevent fraud.

If there is nothing wrong with the participation, we will mark it as confirmed as soon as we can.